Sailing Inc. is an American Sailing Association (ASA) School

Summer 2018 Classes

Make plans now to start the new year with fun Alaskan adventure. Sailing Inc. offers a full season of classes, from the Beginners classes to Advanced Coastal Cruising, from May through September. Courses and descriptions/dates (including prices) are below. We are reserving spaces now. Call (907) 224-3160 or email us to reserve your spot today. Who knows -- this might just change your whole life! Sometimes dreams really do come true.

Arin at the helmLearn to Sail Package ASA 101, 103

Learn to sail during 4 days of intensive sailing instruction in Seward. Includes classroom instruction from 9:00 - 12:00 in the morning, and on-the-water instruction from 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.. First 3 days certifies students to ASA's Basic Sailing standards & includes breakfast and lunch during those days. 4th day covers Basic Coastal Cruising and students will be asked to provide their own sack lunch.

*This course may be challenged.  Call for details.

Prerequisite: None

$985 (Books not included)

Learn to Sail Course Dates Days
No experience required!
May 5, 6      12 & 13   *   Saturdays & Sundays 
May 31 - June 3 Thursday through Sunday  
June 21 - 24 Thursday through Sunday  
August  2-5 Thursday through Sunday  
* Classes run two weekends consecutively      

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Bareboat Chartering ASA 104

An intermediate cruising standard that prepares students to bareboat charter. Students act as skipper & crew sailing by day & anchoring at night. Class covers boat systems, maintenance, meals, cruise preparation and more.

Prerequisite: Basic Sailing & Basic Coastal Cruising.

Students will be assigned meals to prepare.

$765 (Book not included)

Bareboat Chartering Class Schedule  Days
Prerequisite: ASA 101,103  
June 15 - 17 Friday through Sunday
July 20 - 22 Friday through Sunday
August 17-19 Friday through Sunday 

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Basic to Bareboat in Six Days  ASA 101, 103, 104

Combine the Learn to Sail Package with a live aboard experience. Class includes on-the-water & classroom training for the first three days, and live aboard away from the harbor for the final three days. Students receive ASA certification for Basic Sailing, Basic Coastal Cruising & Bareboat Chartering. Breakfast & lunch is included first 3 days of class, students will be assigned meals to prepare last 3 days of class.

Prerequisite: None

$1595 (Books not included)

Basic to Bareboat in Six Days Schedule Days 
May 22 - 27 Tuesday through Sunday
June 5- 10 Tuesday through Sunday
June 28-July 3 Thursday through Tuesday
July 10-15 Tuesday through Sunday
July 24-29 Tuesday through Sunday
August 21-26 Tuesday through Sunday

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Coastal Navigation ASA 105

Classroom instruction which teaches the navigational theory required to safely navigate a vessel in coastal or inland waters.

Prerequisites: None

$215  (Students who have taken the class within the last year may audit on a space available basis for $100)

Coastal Navigation Class Schedule  Days 
April 18, 19, 25 & 26 in Anchorage 4 eves
September 15 & 16  at Sailing Inc in Seward   2 days

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Advanced Coastal Cruising ASA 106

Emphasizes nighttime sailing, navigation, safety, heavy weather, man-overboard, emergency procedures, blue water cruise preparation, electronics, etc. Students act as skipper & crew.

Prerequisites: Basic Sailing (101), Basic Coastal Cruising (103), Coastal Navigation (105 & Bareboat Chartering (104).

Students will be assigned meals to prepare.


Advanced Coastal Cruising Class Schedule Days
July 5 - 8 Thursday through Sunday